Impro-Visor Roadmap Garden

Keyed to Version 5.08

Bob Keller

3 December 2011

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These roadmaps were analyzed using Impro-Visor 5.08 and the brick dictionary that comes with it. Leadsheets for most of the tunes can be found in the leadsheets/changes directory of that release.


Please bear in mind that our roadmaps are a work in progress. These are representative of current status. There may be differences as the program is further developed and the dictionary evolves to reflect a better understanding of the tunes and bricks.






“26-2” is a Coltrane reharmonization of “Confirmation”.
























“All the Things You Are” illustrates our current approach to Overruns. We intentionally join from the overrun chord, not the chord before.




I named the “Lonely Cadence” below.




Note that the first two bars are quite similar to a “Moment’s Approach” (from Coltrane’s “Moment’s Notice”).







Note that the “To IV n Back”s are chained. Technically, the chromatically descending dominants are not in a specific key, but currently the system assigns one anyway.








Home of the “Body & Soul Cadence”:






Home of the “Cherokee” join:






I introduced the “Daahoud Cadence” below, but maybe there’s a better way to look at it.






Home of the “Donna Lee Opening”:






Home of the “Foggy” Turnaround:





The “Giant Steps” brick could be broken down into two “Giant Step” bricks, which can be further broken down.



The broken down version is better for seeing the actual keys in which one would play.




A slight anomaly: “Half Nelson” doesn’t contain a Half Nelson join, because of the side-slipping Stablemates Cadence:




This tune is the source of the “rainy” nomenclature:






The C7#11 is an added interpretation not in the original:




Known as “ITCHY” for short:




The “IV n Yak Turnaround” is due to the Yardbird Approach to Bb major.




This tune is a candidate for the “Mother of all dominant cycles”:





Note that the tune starts on IV.



Home of the “Half Nelson” join:











In “On Green Dolphin Street”, the New Horizon join probably doesn’t belong, because the Ebm7 is considered stable. We may want to start using the _ suffix to denote this.








The Eb7 is the “Nowhere” chord.




Home of the Pennies Turnaround and Pennies Ending bricks:











Home of the “Stella” join:




This is from Conrad Cork’s book, intended to be representative of the generic title, so called because Bird recorded it in Sweden, and aka “Bird Blues” or “Cycle Blues”. See “Bluesette” for something close. See also “Confirmation”, which adds a bridge.





The dropback here is a “TINGLe dropback”:












For this tune, I added the “Giant Step Turnaround”:





Home of the “Woody” join:



Home of the “Yardbird Cadence” (aka “Backdoor Progression”):