Current Research Projects:

An image of an alternative transit future with an electric rail, a car parked between multiple charging stations and a darkskinned human on a bicycle.

Designing Public Transit Interfaces.

Public transit is the heart beat of urban cities around the world. This project seeks to understand how current technology advancements can contribute to development of equitable public transit interfaces.

An image of multiple climate change intervention technologies. In the background, a dark skinned human is working on windmills. In the foreground, a darkskinned human seated in a wheel chair holding an electric plug infront of an electric blub. Inside of the electric plug is a leafy plant. To the right of the blub are solar panels.

URM x Climate Change.

Traditionally underrepresented communities are often left out of conversations until the last minute or are the focus of interventions. This project positions these communities as experts who have the potential to influence climate change intervention futures.