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It surprises me how many people still do not read the new scripture of Father Bill. But I can respect that and just for you I still have Windows 3.1 links:

-= Links To Game Programming Tools =-

WinG (Microsoft)

WinG version 1.0 provides fast DIB-to-screen blts under Windows 3.1, Windows for Workgroups 3.11, Windows 95, and Windows NT version 3.5. WinG will not run on Windows NT version 3.1 or on earlier versions of Windows. WinG requires a 386 or better processor to run. WinG will not run on a 286.


A WinG Sample Application Written by Robert B. Hes. This is a very quick sample application that illustrates what could be considered a 'minimum' WinG application.
ftp (28k)
Personal Evaluation: If you're making the next Doom for Windows you need WinG. It allows you to blast bitmaps to the screen much faster then the generic windows API. Any game the requires fast draw needs this.

WinDirect (SciTech Software)

The SuperVGA Kit also includes SciTech Software's WinDirect technology for writing full screen Windows applications using VBE services. WinDirect allows Windows 3.1 applications to shut down the GDI and obtain direct access to the hardware. Then you can start any VBE video mode that you desire for maximum performance (like UniVBE's new 320x200/240/400 8 bit modes or perhaps 320x240 15/16 bit modes) with full hardware double buffering and linear framebuffer support. Not only that, but when VBE/AF is complete you will be able to write full screen VBE apps that include full Hardware acceleration! (The SuperVGA Kit, Copyright (C) 1992-1994 SciTech Software)
For more info: svgakit.txt
For the WinDirect SuperVGA kit, (309k)
Personal Evaluation: WinDirect is a substitute for WinG. If you're writing fluid motion games for those poor unfortunate fools still using 386's and slow 486's, you'll need to lower the screen resolution so you still get enough frames so it doesn't look like you're walking through molasses. WinDirect is also nice if you are porting a game from DOS since WinDirect makes the graphics behave more like DOS then windows. Personally I don't think windows games should run fill screen, but it's here if you want it.

Wavemix (Microsoft)

The wavemix DLL is a utility that allows multiple wav files to be played simultaneously. It is designed to be as simple to use as possible but still have the power to do what is required by games. The DLL supports 8 channels of simultaneous wave play, the ability to queue up waves along the same channel and wave completion notification. The wavemix DLL currently supports 11.025 Khz, 22.05 Khz and 44.1 Khz 8-bit Mono and Stereo. Wave conversion from the file format is done automatically to the output sampling rate when the file is opened. The default sampling rate is set in wavemix.ini. See wavemix.ini for details. 16 bit files are converted to 8-bit when the wave is loaded.
Microsoft's Wavemix Info
ftp: (296k)
Personal Evaluation: If you want cool sound you need this. It makes playing multiple waves a the same time a piece of cake. It has a few file format limitations but other then that it's awesome. It allows multiple game application to mix waves at the same time, not that I can think of a reason why you'd want to do that.

-= Information Sources =-

"Writing HOT Games for Microsoft Windows," a handbook that includes technical information and advice by Microsoft for game developers.
GameSum.rtf (Word Format 240k)
GameSum.txt (Text Format 85k)

-= Great Creations =-

BIG's Cyclotron

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