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Win 3.11 - WinG, Wavemix
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Other Game Programming sites (newest links at the top)

DirectStudio - allows developers using Visual Basic, Delphi and other RAD tools which support ActiveX, to use DirectX technology in their application.
Game Developer's Resourcium
Web Game Developer
Game Developer Resource Center - Information of interest to programmers, developers, and publishers.
Game Programmer
- The information source for game programmers
Video Game Design
GFX - really good graphics code and algorithms
Programmer's Heaven - Lots of good stuff for programmers
Mystic Software - A site for artists/programmers/musicians to band together and create PC games.

Game Developer Magazine
SpriteLib - SpriteLib is a free sprite graphics library
Panda's game programming projects
The Official Home Page For Visual Basic Game Developers - a VB help book
GDK95 Home Page - Info on using the Game Developers Kit for Win95
RingZero GDK - RingZero GDK v1.1 is a Delphi(tm) 2.0 component suite that gives you access to the Games SDK
The Nexus - Game programming links page
Flight engine source code
Savage Logic - a tile bitmap concatenater
A Game Programming Page - amiga, source, algorithms
RAD Game Tools - the publisher of Smacker Video Technology and the Miles Sound System
Java 3D API
Game Programming

PHANTOM CYBERSPACE 3D - games info and links
A large collection of windows games - some with source
Windows Code, Programming Files, and Utilities
Good Gaming Programming Book Reviews - Excellent book reviews
Game Programming Home Page - A good collection of links
Game Programming Links
Game Programming - A collection of links
Game Programming Homepage - good links, painful background
Game Programming - Links and projects for DOS
Happy Puppy
Game Programming Resources
Console Programming Web Page - Step in to the console web

Who made wrote these pages and why?

So far all the "Creating Hot Games" pages were written by me, Tod Semple. I used to be student at Harvey Mudd College with a personal interest in developing games. Now I'm professional programmer that wishes I was working in the gaming industry. The whole get-paid-half-as-much thing didn't do it for me. Probably a bad decision on my part. Anyway, a few years ago, I was working on several school projects creating games that led me to search the internet for help. I found very little about creating games (but lots and lots about playing them) and so the "Creating Hot Games" pages were born. I started these pages in 94, and they were the first game programming pages on the web. Since then, the web caught on, and I'm just 1 in a pile of about 30+ game programming sites. (OK, my real goal is to create web pages that more popular than those of my arch rival, TJ Kelly. ) For anybody that cares, as of Oct 97, I'm averaging a hit about every 6 minutes!

Send your questions and comments to Tod Semple. Suggestions for new topics are greatly appreciated! This page was last modified 11/03/97. This page has been accessed times.
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