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Other DirectX pages:

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Game X Programming games for Windows 95 using DirectX Technology
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What in the world could Windows 95 be doing to help games?

Father Bill's scripture on hot games:

The Microsoft® DirectX™ Software Development Kit (SDK) provides a finely-tuned set of application programming interfaces (APIs) that give you, as a developer, the resources needed to design high-performance, real-time applications, such as the next generation of PC games and multimedia applications.

Microsoft developed the DirectX SDK for several reasons. The primary reason is to make performance on Windows-based platforms rival or exceed performance on MS-DOS-based platforms and game console-system platforms. Another reason is to promote game development for Windows, and to assist you by providing a robust, standardized, and well-documented platform for which to write games.


Where can I get all this neat stuff?

DirectX 5.0 DDK

Platform SDK Components for DirectX Media Developers

What about NT?


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