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Robotics Exhibition
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Robotics Education Track

Welcome to the Robotics Education track within the Robotics Exhibition and Workshop, part of AAAI 2011.



Invited Exhibits, 2011

We're delighted to be able to invite the following exhibits to this summer's robotics education track of the AAAI Robotics Exhibition:

Title: What's new in Tekkotsu?
Exhibitor(s): David Touretzky and Ethan Tira-Thompson
School: Carnegie Mellon University
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Title: Approaches to Multi-robot Exploration and Localization
Exhibitor(s): Arif T. Ozgelen, Michael Costantino, Adiba Ishak, Moses Kingston, Diquan Moore, Samuel Sanchez, J. Pablo Munoz, Simon Parsons, and Elizabeth I. Sklar
School: The City University of New York
Title: A robotics environment for software engineering courses
Exhibitor(s): Stephan Gobel, Ruben Jubeh, Simon-Lennert Raesch
School: University of Kassel
Title: Can quadrotors succeed as an educational platform?
Exhibitor(s): Bradley Jensen, Lilian de Greef, Malen Sok, Kim Sheely, Nick Berezny, and Zachary Dodds
School: Harvey Mudd College
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Title: Learning from Demonstration in Spatial Exploration
Exhibitor(s): J. Pablo Munoz, A. Tuna Ozgelen, and Elizabeth Sklar
School: The City University of New York
Title: The Nao humanoid for research and education
Exhibitor(s): Natanel Dukan
Institution: Aldebaran Robotics
discussion notes from the 2011 workshop discussion session

Mission Statement

Robots - and the AI algorithms that control them - are quickly maturing as resources that help convey computer science, engineering, and many other curricula. This venue offers an accessible and flexible opportunity for undergraduate, early graduate, or pre-college student teams to design, implement, and demonstrate an autonomous robotic system. The tasks involved can span physically-embodied AI: exploration, intraction, and learning within an unknown environment. In the long run, we hope to motivate hands-on AI robotics investigation both for its own sake and in service to other academic disciplines and educational goals.

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Call for Participation

The Robotics Education track invites students and educators to submit robotics projects that will advance the state-of-the-art in robotics- and AI-education, particularly at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Examples include, but are not limited to

Note that although the focus of an exhibit may be software, curricula, or crossdisciplinary student work, the AAAI exhibition is a robotics exhibition, and submissions should include physically instantiated systems -- perferably ones that allow for hands-on interaction by the conference attendees!


Teams and individuals interested in participating should submit a 1-2 page pdf proposal, by March 1, 2011, containing

  1. the names and institution(s) of the team member(s);
  2. a one-sentence summary of the exhibit;
  3. a brief description of what will be shown, the results, along with the underlying motivation and context for the work.
This proposal should be submitted through the overarching AAAI 2011 Robot Exhibition procedure

EAAI - Educational Advances in AI

In 2011 a symposium highlighting Educational Advances in Artificial Intelligence (EAAI) will run alongside AAAI for the second consecutive year. Participants in the Robotics Education track of the robot exhibition will have the opportunity to join the robotics-themed session of EAAI. By the same token, EAAI attendees will have the opportunity to take in the robotics exhibition. The EAAI call for participation is here.

Contact us

Please contact the organizer with any questons:

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