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These pages are on hiatus. My new web space has less pretty layout but more recent stuff. (Minor link updates here, Mar16,2000.)

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This is Skuld, my favorite goddess...

Cool and Nifty Stuff

First off, some links to my favortie things and places...

akari Next, here's some sets of web pages that I've written or co-authored...


About Me...

Okay, this here is the mandatory section about my life, just in case anyone's actually interested. Currently ('99), I'm attending grad school in computer science at UNC-CH. For the previous four years, I was a Computer Science major at Harvey Mudd College. I lived in Inertia Suite in East Dorm.
I think Macintosh computers are cool, no matter what people say. (And they're coming back from the brink too, so a big 'nyah nyah' to all the nay-sayers. ^_^ ) I think HyperCard is a spiffy programming language. I also program in C++, Java, ML, or whatever. In my spare time, I occasionally maintain web pages (see above) and create things (see below). I also play a lot of games and watch as much anime as possible. ^_^
Meanwhile, I seem to have recently found a very special someone in my life. Conni has a new web page up as well.

Creative Stuff

I write things now and then when I actually have some free time..

  • Samurai Sunday is a fanfiction I wrote based on Rumiko Takahashi's Ranma 1/2. I really oughta get around to revising it...
  • Aislinn Chronicles: Book 1, Ch. 1 The beginning of a much longer fanfiction involving multiple universes and some original characters, which has largely failed to get off the ground. Maybe someday...
  • A Brief History of the Universe - some random, late-night ramblings about things in general. Unedited.
  • I also do some graphics work now and then.. (Some of these looked better in the original 16-bit pict format than in 256 color GIFs, but we can't have everything) (At my UNC web pages you can find some graphics from more recent school projects.)

  • OpArt 1 - a study in moire patterns
  • Abstract 1 - a piece of abstract art I did when I was feeling blue and red and a few other things...
  • Magic Splash - a title screen for a Magic: the Gathering database I was once working on. (Some parts ©Wizards of the Coast)
  • Ranma 1/2: Hard Battle - uh.. I didn't make this. ^_^ It's a screen capture from the SNES game.
  • Flower Card - a birthday card I rendered using RayDream Designer 4.0.
  • Sandy & Andy - two 3D characters I did for an educational game about tropospheric ozone (also using RD4).
  • Finally, for a senior year project I did this cool computer graphics and sound presentation called Tempus Video, an 'impressionist history of video games'. It's a bit to big to put up on the web (500MB anyone?) but I can post some screenshots...


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