Harvey Mudd College Computer Science Colloquium

Schedule for Fall 2003 / Spring 2004

Where: Galileo Pryne Lecture Hall

When: Thursdays, from 4:15 to 5:15 PM (snacks served at 4:00)

Contact: Joyce Greene, 909-621-8225, jgreene@cs.hmc.edu.

Organizer: Belinda Thom, 909-607-9662, Belinda_Thom@hmc.edu.

Thursday Speaker From Topic Area Status Pre-Colloq Host
September 11, 2003 CS Faculty HMC Intro to Colloquium Scheduled
September 25, 2003 Don Chamberlin IBM Almaden
HMC grad
Databases Accept Kuenning, 1249 Olin
October 9, 2003 Dennis Kibler UCI Machine Learning and Bioinformatics Accept Libeskind-Hadas, 1245 Olin
October 23, 2003 Scott Banachowski UCSC
HMC grad
Real-time systems Accept Kuenning, 1249 Olin
November 6, 2003 CS Summer Student Research HMC Misc. Scheduled
November 20, 2003 Tucker Balch Georgia Tech Robotics, Ant Colonies, etc. Accept Dodds, 1265 Olin
December 4, 2003 Michael Mateas Georgia Tech Interactive Multi-media Accept Erlinger, 1258A Olin
Feb 5, 2004 Jane Margolis UCLA Gender, Race, Class, and Computer Science Education Accept Erlinger, 1258A Olin
Feb 19, 2004 Roger Dannenberg Carnegie Mellon Computer Music and Multi-Media Accept Keller
Feb 24, 2004, Tuesday! Chad Jenkins USC Robotics and Automated Motion Capture Accept Dodds/Libeskind-Hadas
Feb 26, 2004 Ben Kuperman Purdue Autonomous Agents for Intrusion Detection Accept O'Neill
March 4, 2004 Alexandra Boldyreva UCSD Computer Security Accept Dodds/Libeskind-Hadas
March 11, 2004 Andrew Nierman U Mich Databases in Internet Contexts Accept Dodds/Libeskind-Hadas
March 25, 2004 Scott Pakin Los Alamos Parallel Computer Network Performance Accept Stone, 1253 Olin
April 27, 2004 Aaron Archer Cornell Operations research, algorithmic game theory, and the Internet Accept Erlinger, 1258A Olin

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