CS Colloquia: Speaker Information

Thanks for agreeing to speak at our Harvey Mudd's Computer Science Colloquia -- we look forward to your visit!


Your audience will consist of around 80 very bright upper-division computer science students. For this reason, we ask that our speakers gear their talks towards first-year graduate students. Our main goal in colloquia is to provide our students with an opportunity to become familiar with professional CS research and industrial activities. We kindly ask that you focus on technical content -- tell students what you are doing and why you are so excited about it. Most students are quite well-informed about graduate school and industrial opportunities; please spend no more than 5 minutes on this topic.


Plan for a 50 minute talk and expect lots of engaging questions. Pryne auditorium has Internet access, a projector and plug for connecting into your laptop, and sound/media facilities. If you need anything above and beyond projector, microphone, or Internet access, please let us know as soon as possible so that we can make the needed arrangements with A/V staff.

Speaker Orientation and Arrival

You should arrive at Mudd by 3PM in order to have enough time to setup in Pryne auditorium. Professor Thom teaches on Thursdays until 4PM and Joyce Greene is usually running errands for Colloquia at this time. The faculty member that will be your host when you first arrive is listed in the rightmost column of this table. Please go to their office upon arrival.


We like to take speakers out to dinner after their talk, which allows for more interaction with interested students and faculty. This usually spans about 2 hours, ending around 8PM. Please let us know as soon as possible if you will not be able to attend dinner.


Here's a map with directions to Mudd. The Computer Science department is located on the corner of Dartmouth and Foothill, on the south-east corner, in Olin Hall. On-street parking on Dartmouth is never a problem. There is also parking in the south-east corner parking lot (enter on Foothill). All but one CS faculty are located on the ground floor (Olin offices beginning with the number "1"). Both the Math and CS Department offices are located on the ground floor in the main foyer.