BitterSuite is a happy place of magical wonder wherein dwell AlexisNast, your 07/08 Proctor of Vice, BrianaKonigsberg, JenniferTownsend, KatherineErickson, AjaSenestraro, the oft-absent FrancesKelley?, and the ever-mysterious LauraWilliams?.

Honorary members include DanaJensen, CarolineMahoney?, AllegraLM?, and several others.

We are looking for a rusty cheese grater to put in our lounge in a glass case to be broken in case of being-wronged-by-men.

The BitterSuite is quick to anger and slow to forgive. Love the BitterSuite, fear the BitterSuite.

Thank you to MorganConbere and AlanKraut for keeping the BitterSuite clean by actually taking the trash out from time to time. If it were not for you two, we would be covered in our own homework and dirty plates in the lounge, starving to death slowly.

Lounge Quotes

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