Truly awesome! Done a whole bunch of goodies. Pretty much most of the things that SamRaimi did, as they were high school buddies. Best known for the Evil Dead series (see ArmyOfBurritos) in addition to TheHudsuckerProxy? and a bunch of other cameos or not so popluar movies (Congo). He also did the awesome TV show The Adventures of Brisco County Junior, Ellen, and plays the King of Thieves in Hercules and Xena (the TV series'). He's done a lot of other stuff, but basically every time you see him it's a wonderful experience.

Additionally some friends of mine got to eat dinner with him. We were at a gaming convention called Origins, and there was a "contest" where people would bid money and the two highest bidders got to eat dinner with a couple of stars. BruceCampbell was one of them, along with Jerry Doyle (Played Michael Garibaldi on Baylon 5... best sci-fi show ever!) and one or two other people. Both BruceCampbell and Jerry Doyle are pretty big guys. My friends have a great picture of all of them standing together and my one friend Joel (who's about the same size as KurtDresner) looks puny compared to everyone else in the picture.


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