Caltech has a building called Mudd Labratories - the very same Mudd behind HarveyMuddCollege. Naturally, if Harvey Mudd was around today, he likely would've wanted the building named in his honor to belong to the college named in his honor. Thus the CaltechMuddLabsPrank was born.

The plan was simple: Capture Mudd Labs. We would put up banners akin to the "Harvey Mudd is a BLANK" signs. We would put up signs advertising events at Mudd's campus. And, we would put up a big sign in the front relabeling Caltech as "Harvey Mudd College's Pasadena Campus".

At 5PM on November 15, 2019, the prank began, when AvalonFeiler, ValeGlasser, OliverBaldwin, and AnshulKhamath? drove to Caltech and entered Mudd Labs. They sat there for the entire day in order to unlock the door when the rest of the team arrived at 2:30AM (And yes, it's true, one of the team took a FroshChem midterm while they were there [not quite, for it was OliverBaldwin, CheMistry junior, who took a non-frosh-chem midterm that day. --ValeGlasser]). The [TSL article] and INSERT MUDDRAKER ARTICLE HERE can be found at these links. Altogether, 27 Mudders participated in the prank, many of whom are seen in the pictures below:

First, we put some great fliers inside the building:

Next, we put up massive posters like this one:

The posters went up on third floor windows (Officially, we used really long poles. The truth is, we climbed on the balcony (and used really long poles too)). Here's how high that is:

Some of the other good posters:

And here's most of the team:

Caltech students even made this meme about it:

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