The CrappiestCarEver in human history was owned by AlexBobbs between January 2001 and August 2002 inclusive. This car was known to the denizens of EastDorm who rode in it to have many distinguishing features that gave the car a great deal of personality, such as:

Ah, yes... I miss this car already. However it recently met an unfortunate but merciful death/suicide:

Right when I was preparing to leave home for Mudd, I started the car only to hear a huge KLUNK from under the hood. I then lifted up the hood to find that the engine was there. Knowing nothing about cars, I had no way of further determining the problem, so I proceeded to try start the car, and this time, it started but sounded like it was running at about 10 billion RPM. Hmmm... So I figure something must be stuck and try shifting to see if that solves the problem. The second I hit the "drive" gear, the car rockets forward. Keep in mind that I have not given it any gas at this point, and the brake AND parking brake are on. I managed to stop the car by shifting back into Park. A mechanic later determined that some cable-ma-jingy had gotten caught, and the car, being already a bit low on oil, basically killed itself in this incident.

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