The ChessSide plays a normal game of ChesSers. The CheckersSide, however, plays on a cylindrical board (i.e. its left and right edges are adjacent to each other; thus it is legal, for example, to move a checker from a1 to h2, all other circumstances permitting).

Originally proposed by MicahSmukler (he thinks; if someone else thinks they came up with the idea first, please say so). A few games were played last semester. Certainly not broken in any overtly obvious way. ''ChessQueens -- Now even more useless!'' However, it destroys a lot of the tactical interest of the CheckersSide, much of which comes from the way the edges of the board work. Once you get past the "Where did that checker come from?" skill level, arguably a less interesting game than standard ChesSers.

By far the most interesting part of checkers, and thusly the CheckersBoard?, is the sides, and without them, large amounts of strategy (and therefore gameplay) are reduced. Besides, unless it is played more, there will always be some amount of confusion associated with the play. --JoshMiddendorf

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