The most powerful of ChessPieces, capable of moving any distance along an unobstructed rank, file, or diagonal (that means horizontally, vertically, or diagonally as far as you want, for those who may not be familiar with the lingo). In a game of WesternChess, if you lose (hang) your Queen, you've pretty much lost, barring other compensation. It's also usually a very bad idea to bring her out early in the game, as your opponent will spend his time chasing your queen around the board while he gains an obnoxiously powerful position, or even material. In BugHouse, your partner will probably kill you (especially if you're playing PlaceMate).

In ChesSers, the Queen is still a useful piece, and is frequently promoted to on the CheckersSide (hence the massive PawnDrop paranoia common to experienced ChesSers players); however the ChessSide Queens are rarely placed on the CheckersSide once they make it over, as its many movement options make it easy to compel it to kill itself. The ChessSide is PlaceMate; therefore, unless the position is deadlocked, they who have ChessQueens to drop when it's their turn usually win.

In DeathChess, the Queen is traditionally the most noxious of the pieces. Capturing a Queen can be both disgusting and crippling, and Queen sacrifices are a not uncommon strategy.

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