A BugHouse rule which allows the placing of pieces such that the opposing king is checkmated. To prevent arguments, BugHouse players should specify whether or not they are playing PlaceMate early on in the session.

While it may be argued that playing non-PlaceMate BugHouse is for Wussies, the game is not much diminished if one still allows PlaceCheck? (go ahead, make another useless WikiName. See if I care...). Non-PlaceCheck? BugHouse allows for slightly more interesting strategic placement, but it _is_ considerably tamer than PlaceMate.

I played a bunch of Non-PlaceCheck? BugHouse in high school. It changes the game immensely because if you need a string of checks to delay death, you can't place pieces to deliver them. The result? Even more sacrifices to open lines of attack than in PlaceCheck? BugHouse! Although I definitely agree with the sentiment that it's for Wussies, Non-PlaceCheck? BugHouse is not utterly devoid of strategic value.--DanCicio

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