DaveBrubeck is a fantastic and very skilled pianist, and apparently is somehow related to our very own MattBrubeck. While he has cut a number of albums, both jazz and classical and other, in groups and solo, DaveBrubeck will forever be remembered for his ground-breaking album TimeOut?. TimeOut? turned the jazz world upside down by introducing songs to rhythmes like 9/8 (split into 2, 2, 2, 3; Blue Ronda A La Turk), 5/4 (the ever-infamous TakeFive), 6/4 (Pickup Sticks; the actual written meter might be different), and 3/4-3/4-3/4 (Three To Get Ready) to the world of jazz quartets.

If you happen to enjoy Brubeck, I've found that one of his best pieces is not on TimeOut?, but is a beautiful rendition of / variation on Somewhere, the song from from West Side Story.

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