DormCrotchOne?: The motherfucker who stole the GameCube, AndrewSchoonmaker's PlayStation2?, and the games which were in them (but notably not all the other games).

DormCrotchTwo?: The two bastards (Pitzer students, by rumor) who sprayed a chemical fire extinguisher into the lounge, depositing white stuff on everything (including, coincidentally, AndrewSchoonmaker and his other PlayStation2?) and making life miserable for those who were in the lounge.

DormCrotchThree?: The philistines who decided to "redecorate" the bar by coating it with ugly pink paint.

DormCrotchFour?: The jackass responsible for the OtherOtherOtherOtherWindowBreakingIncident. (EastDorm has a right to feel persecuted if only because of the frequency with which its windows get broken; I think it beats all of the other QuadDorm?s in number of window breakings per year and total over the past couple of years, or at the very least window breakings caused by non-residents).

DormCrotchFive?: The absolute buffons who just came and stole one of the ouches from the ounge one night (we suspect PitzerCollege or ClaremontMcKennaCollege to be responsible- blame AtwoodDorm and their damn scavenger hunt)

Suggested remedy for these morons: testicle removal with a GrapeFruitSpoon?.

I stand corrected.

This list should probably be extended backwards too, to DormCrotchZero?, DormCrotchNegativeOne?, and so.

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