EastDormDiscord set up by EdwardJacobs and BenLangton.

On January 31, 2021, server moderator EdwardJacobs submitted a biography of RemiTheRat to the server general channel.
Soon after EdwardJacobs' post, 4 other members copied the biography and resubmitted it to the same channel.
Unfortunately, such repetitive repetition ruffled the feathers of the server owner BenLangton, who remarked frustratedly

Imagine being so lazy you just copy paste whatever message you see in front of you instead of contributing to the conversation. Put some effort in and generate a healthy discussion. If this chat does not improve in the next 15 minutes I will leave..
Rather than ameliorating the situation, however, Ben's request was met with unabashed antagonism: 4 members copied his message and resubmitted it to the general channel.

Attempting to appease the irked server owner and keep his wrath at bay, BenBracker submitted a biography of a different Ratatouille rat. This attempt backfired however -- not only was it submitted following the 15 minute window, but it launched a stream of several new rat biographies, some of questionable quality. By the time TheGiantRatThatMakesAllOfTheRules was submitted to the general channel, the situation had deteriorated so badly that MarzBarnes proposed a "petition to nuke this discord".

In the following hours, escalations mounted rapidly. Though official records would soon be lost to time, historians believe that a small coalition of dorm felons proceeded to post NSFW to general. Following the "bad memes" and their eradication, server owner BenLangton arrived at his decision to preserve the Discord communication platform, proclaiming that "the offending posters have been caught and will be dealt with accordingly".

In poetic conclusion, 4 members copied BenLangton's proclamation and resubmitted it to the general channel.

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