Edward is a jOsh!!!!

LOVES Modern art!!! If asked, will talk about Plato and Aristocroties for hours on end.

Sad rocket boi

ElonMusk? fangirl

Co-runs EastDormChat (discord) with BerlinPaez, BenLangton, and MarzBarnes

For FroshPrank 2019, had his room converted to a modern art exhibit, primarily by AvalonFeiler.

Is absolutely addicted to InNOut. Just admit it sosh, you have a problem.

Indexes from 1 (a.k.a is a true Engineer)

Builds operational model rockets

Has a commanding presence

Directs teams of people to build rockets

Was once the god / emperor of a highly militarized minecraft server (not even joking, people really respected his leadership)

Wears rocket T-shirts

Preaches historical wisdom to those brave enough to listen to him

Owns Lego Saturn-V model rocket

Has knowledge of sex

Like to lounge-res SpaceX? rocket launches

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