Accepting of everyone. Cool, short, tall, annoying, smart, stupid, etc... (of all the self rightous things to say... what about smoking and drinking? eh? -- ChrisPries I'm with you, Chris. The acceptingness of Easties as a dorm, group, community, whatever, is debatable at best. No place is perfect, but we can keep trying with the ones that are worth it to us... and actually, Easties are getting better about the occasional vice, though we'll miss ShamikMaitra and LucasBaker's bad influences... -TracyvanCort)

The EastieNature also encourages random expressions of self, and kooky kraziness.

And, as ChrisHanusa so wisely observed during the most recent FunBallParty, "it's not that Easties don't learn; it's that they do."

That was after a traumatic incident involving ChocolateMountainDew, wasn't it..? ChocolateMountainDew and DryIce??, actually. Yick.

Easily distracted by a ShinyThing. Mildly prone to EditWar?.

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