Not to be confused with FinalFantasySix, the original US release of which was under the name FinalFantasyThree
FinalFantasyThree goes back to more of the ideas in FinalFantasyOne, and makes them bigger, better, and more fun. The job system means that you can switch back and forth between classes (in some cases, you pretty much need to). This game really did a great job of making me feel like my party was so kick-ass it was invincible, and then completely wiping me out a few minutes later. This happens repeatedly, actually.

I loved it. I really don't know why they didn't translate it into the US. -- EvilSouthie

I agree. This is by far the best of the NES FinalFantasy games. What it lacks in plot coherency (it more or less goes back to the FinalFantasyOne vague plot that can be best summed up as "The Warriors of Light do a bunch of random good things"), it more than makes up for in gameplay. The interface isn't as polished as it got by FinalFantasyFive, but it's definitely the best yet. Plus, you can acquire and switch classes, and the battle system is great (wisely leaving out FinalFantasyTwo's ridiculous skill-based learning). -AlexBobbs

Were you playing the translation that renders the default class as "OnionKid?"? --AndrewSchoonmaker

Yes. Admittedly the characterization could've used a little work (They just treated the group of four as if only the head character had a personality), but I rather liked the gameplay. -- EvilSouthie

I've found the same gameplay quirk with PhantasyStarIV?, where I run over almost everything in the dungeons and then the bosses stomp me flat. In PSIV's case, I think it detracts a little from gameplay; if the easy/hard distinction in FF3 happens from one dungeon to the next it might be a bit easier to take...

FinalFantasyThree goes back to the crystal concept. Each crystal you recover gives you more classes to be able to switch to. This concept was reused in FinalFantasyFive.

The number of vehicles you end up getting is very entertaining- I believe there were four unique airships in the game.

Elements of the series that started in FinalFantasyThree:

Elements that are only in FinalFantasyThree (as far as I know):

FF1 and FF2 may be the only FF games with airships which do *not* have multiple airships: FinalFantasyFour has two airships, plus the spaceship and a black chocobo (and the Hovercraft)... FinalFantasyFive has a *lot* of different vehicles/creatures; FinalFantasySix has two airships (and arguably, FinalFantasySeven does as well, though it's more just the one airship that looks different); FinalFantasyNine has two airships (that I can remember). FinalFantasyEight has one airship which you can get twice (I don't *think* it's any different the second time you can get it, but don't know, as I didn't do so myself...)

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