FinalFantasyTwo is generally referred to with a "j" past the name to refer to the fact that it's the second in the Japanese numbering system, not the English versions. Like FinalFantasyOne and FinalFantasyThree, it was meant for the original Nintendo system, although at this point carts are so rare that you're better off just emulating it (especially since emulation is the only way to get a translation). Square is releasing a remake of this game for PS1. I haven't heard anything on whether or not they will fix up the gameplay, but the cutscenes are pretty. :)-AlexBobbs

FF2 follows the path of four children who get stuck in the middle of an army taking over their hometown. Immediately upon escaping the city, they are attacked by a group of knights that knock them unconscious. They wake up in a nearby town, where the refugees from their town have grouped together. However, one of the four of them is missing. The three remaining party members join with the rebels and go through several plans designed to take back their city, win the war, save the world, etc, etc. It also contains the very cool line (when taken out of context), "Ah... Pandemonium at last!"

FF2 is a bit harder than FF1, in general. It requires quite a bit of leveling up, to the point where I was using the cheesy way to level (hit your own characters, heal them, hit them, heal them (raises hp, mp, and cure spell level), and was still falling behind an awful lot. Still, quite fun. Lots of optional treasure chests, the dungeons are quite twisty...

Also note that apparently just attempting to attack with a weapon is sufficient to get you a skill point in it, even if you cancel the attack before selecting a target. Works for spells, too, albeit more annoyingly slow. -- EvilSouthie

Fair warning to those playing near the endgame- the Mysidia quest (the tower) and the end dungeon are very long. I felt like I was going to run out of magic on floor three out of eight, but I managed to barely squeak by (I think after the tower I had one character dead, one stoned, and my others had mps of 1 and 4 (and the dead/stoned ones had mps of 0 and 8). -- EvilSouthie

For people who want to have something to judge where they should be, I beat the game with my three main characters with 2500 hp and 250 mp, cure at level 6, holy and ultima at level 6 (although I didn't use it), life at level 2, heal at level 5, and weapon skills at 16. I didn't bother leveling up the fourth character at all. -- EvilSouthie

For what it's worth, I had about twice the HP, one character with 600 MP, the others with ~250, ~150, and ~130. My only skill above 10 was one Char's CURE level of 16:98. I didn't have a problem with mana, since only one character ever cast spells and the mana for that was drained off the monsters (you can even drain the final boss for mana!) -- AlexWilkins

Oh, and there's a point (in Phin, after you liberate it) where a girl NPC says "WARRIORS: Revive the power of the ORBS!" (You never see an orb in the game), and one of your characters responds, "Shut up."

Elements of the series that started in FF2:

Elements that are only in FF2 (as far as I can tell):

Note, however, that something similar shows up later in several of the SaGa? games... (I don't recall if it's in any of the FinalFantasyLegend? games, which were actually of the SaGa? series)
  --Dunno, but anyone who's ever sat around beating up wolves for no reason in SecretOfMana knows it DOES show up there :->

Weyrds get this early on in FF9, though it's not a spell there, to my knowledge.

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