See Ph0r7r4n?.

Alternatively, something that JulieWortman knows far too much about. Seriously.

MichaelVrable would like to comment that ForTran is StuPid. It warns him about the variables he declares but doesn't use. But it doesn't feel the need to warn him about variables he uses without defining, and instead is ever so courteous and assigns those variables random values. Grr... But he has to use it for ScientificComputing?.

As DuctTapeGuy once learned, ForTran also has a "feature" where it doesn't care if you divide by zero. This is a remarkably bad thing. DuctTapeGuy's final solution to the problem was to BruteForceDebug? a 200-line block of math by adding a print statement after EVERY division operation. His first run of the prgram gave 50,000 print statements declaring that flagpoint 5 was a div by zero error. Well, GEE.

Not like ForPorn.

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