If I were four white mages, I'd never leave my room...
The FourWhiteMageChallenge is, in FinalFantasyOne, when you try to beat the game using, surprisingly enough, four white mages. It's considered the hardest party combo to beat the game with, and with some justification: white mages have little to no offensive skills whatsoever, except versus undead. Here are my thoughts on it and related parties:

Specific thoughts:

My thoughts on this were similar, except that I didn't do any leveling beyond what I got normally from fighting through all the dungeons. But then, I rarely spend much time leveling up anyways (except before Marsh Cave and with exceptionally weak parties, and when I am trying to max out my stats just because. -- AlexWilkins

It took me more, because I saved the game right before going in and I kept getting stoned by large packs of cockatrices and I only had 2 Soft potions. So I went back to Elf Town, bought like twenty more, and never used a single one. See, it Soft is not only a stoning antidote, it's also a repellent.

The one monster who I didn't defeat was WarMech?. I ran into him the first time I was in Sky Castle, and he just tore through my party -- 200 damage per warrior per round kills just about anyone pretty quickly. His armor was good enough that I just couldn't seem to damage him (of course, I hadn't gone back for Xcalibur, either).

The only thing that could possibly hurt a party of four fighters in the descent are the sorcerers at the end, since ProRings? and Ribbons only seem to protect against the spell Rub, not against the side-effect of their attack. On the other had, being short one warrior (or two, or three) won't really be much of a hindrance against Chaos.

Hmmm... on playing it through the second time, I realized I played much like I had a party of four thieves, except with a number of extra healing potions each time. For the most part, magic just isn't worth using, even though RedMage?s are much weaker in melee. You just need to use your HealStaff? and HealHelmets? more after each battle, and if a warrior dies, it's no big deal.

Now, having beaten it on the aforementioned emulator, I will note that the final descent, while not as trivial as it would be with a party of fighters or black belts, isn't very hard either. I went down, got Masamune, saved, went down again, and killed Chaos. The only thing you need to worry about are parties of dragons (frost or gas) who get the first attack on you during the initial ascent. Most of the fiends, although annoying the first time through, are fairly easy once you have Masamune. FAST is very helpful, as are repeated applications of INV2. Chaos himself wasn't too bad, although it is annoying having only one character who can do a reasonable amount of damage. On the other hand, even dealing out only 200-500 points a turn, if Chaos can't hit you, you have plenty of time to cast CUR3.

Honorable mention: Tiamat in the Sky Castle. I decided that the easiest way to take her, since she isn't weak against any of the elemental spells and I way only level 23 (no level-8 spells yet) would be to use FAST and TMPR to up the power of my Catclaw, then attack her. By the time I had inflicted about 200 points of damage, she had killed my first three characters and reduced the last one to 80 hit points. I decided 'to hell with it' and cast BANE. It worked. I was rather surprised.

You mean BREAK, or whatever it's called? (obviously not BREAK...) I hear she's vulnerable to that, too...

Supposedly she is vulnerable to BRAK, yes, but this time I did get her with BANE. I was severely cash-strapped at the time, so my only 7th level spell was ICE3. As a side-note, I did try to kill her with BANE and BRAK in the ToF?, but it didn't work in the first round and she didn't seem to pose any immediate danger so I just went ahead and killed her with Masamune.

Side note: Eye farming is fun and easy, and much more profitable than looting musty old treasure chests. I mean, it's not as if you could use what's in them, is it?

Having now beaten all six combinations, I'm going to have to try something new. Maybe actually beat FinalFantasyThree. Or buy a PlayStation and try Seven through Eleven. Or maybe document exactly which pairs of chests are linked. -- AlexWilkins

For those of you who think this page doesn't present enough of a challenge, a new breed has arisen: the OneCharacterChallenge?. That's right, you get one character. One fighter, one black belt, one white mage... done by having the other three characters be killed in the first imp fight. All combinations are possible and have been done (at the very least, fighter, black belt, white mage and red mage have walkthroughs, so they've been done. Thief and black mage had a few doubters, but it sounded like they had been done by somebody). I'm doing the fighter challenge at the moment.

Fighter has now been done. It isn't terribly difficult (I'd judge it as easier than four black or white mages, anyway); you just need to be paranoid about creatures that stun, paralyze, sleep, stone, or kill you instantly (even more than usual). The lack of power or versatility is partially compensated for by the fact that you gain levels extremely quickly and that the fixed loot from treasure chests is worth more (because it doesn't need to be divided between characters). Your lone character will thus be a decent bit more powerful than a single character from a four-character party at an equivalent point in the game. As a side note, I scummed levels for stats bonuses just because I wasn't sure how tough this challenge would be, but I don't think that that was truly necessary.--AlexWilkins

After a large pause, one red mage has now been done as well. After you get the Masamune and FAST yourself, Chaos dies in four rounds. The most difficult fight in the final descent was actually the water fiend before getting Masamune; once you have that sword, everything becomes much easier.--AlexWilkins

One black belt finished; very similar to one fighter except with less gold and more levels. Chaos died in three rounds (at level 45).

One white mage finished. Not too difficult, though there are a few monsters which require application of specific spells (Astos and MUTE, for example). Oh, and you have to hope that Chaos doesn't succeed with SLO2, otherwise you can't do enough damage with one attack / round to kill him before he heals again, even with 9 castings of FADE.

One thief finished. The first part of the game was really, really annoying--I had to level to 25 or so to defeat Astos. Once you get the floater, though, and class change, things become much, much easier--FAST, much improved attack (Ice Sword), and much improved defense (fire armor/shield, silver helmet). The extra hit points are nice, too, since you lack healing. Chaos was fairly easy--RUSE, RUSE, RUSE, FAST, attack, attack, attack (CUR4), attack, attack, attack (die).

Holy geez, something Alex actually updates! Hi former suitee! --N


Four white mages? It'll never work


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