The hash planned for the Spring 2000 PreFroshWeekend went as scheduled, though the rain gods turned it into the World's First Invisible Linear Hash. A few hardy (read: stupid) souls set out just after 5 pm.

I started but turned back due to crippling sideache. :-( -- MattBrubeck

But it was really cool. The marks didn't all go away even. We found one 'X' under 6 inches of water. Lesson learned: Chalk goes away, flour doesn't. Oh, and we had ONE prefrosh there with us. He is HardCore?...


The answer: This frosh is named Kevin Esvelt, and he went to AriNieh's high school. Aw yeah.


The Spring 2002 PreFroshWeekend hash had a little bit of rain too, but definitely not 6 inches. Still lots of fun though, wheee!! -- ErikShimshock

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