JeremyLennert frequently shows up at CrackInTheAC and ItrGames, and has sets of red and blue duct-tape daggers for use in team games. He is a civic minded and respectable young lad.

If you've ever eaten with him, you'll notice he has rather... unique eating habits. His Platt tray will usually consist of 4 or more cups filled with liquid (2 milk, and some soda and water, I think), and a plate that contains either a piece of bread, very occasionally some french fries, or plain noodles with a large amount of powdered/dried Parmesan cheese. He will also fill up used bottles of Snapple or soda with water from the Platt water dispenser. What he actually does with these bottles is a mystery, although it is rumored that the 3 Snapple crates worth of bottles garnered last semester were used to culture some experimental and highly dangerous fungus.

It was rather surprising to SeleneTan that, although he had finished far more VideoGames than she had, he had NEVER HEARD OF ChronoTrigger! Blasphemy! This led to one Friday afternoon where she forcibly downloaded and installed a SNES emulator and the ChronoTrigger ROM and made him play. (She didn't find it as surprising that he hadn't heard of SeikenDensetsuThree, but she downloaded that for him anyway.) JeremyLennert has been spotted playing Seiken Densetsu in FroshChem lecture, to boot. A good show of character!

I could've sworn that was FroshPhysics lecture.

He is currently addicted to ShadowBane?, a recently-released MMORPG.

Ask him about StarS sometime. Or maybe don't, depending on your tolerance for people who know waaay too much about the inner workings of a particular game.

The dorm game designer. DungeonCrawl? is a fun game, and you should help him playtest it.

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