A fun movie if you don't think too hard. Nice, flavorful, chewy bubblegum. Just don't think about logistical, legal, social, or technological plausibility.

And yes, Santa, I too wish that there was a pinch.

--Sayeth JoelTheJoel

AlexBobbs was dragged to this and found it a reasonably enjoyable, if somewhat pointless, fun little movie. It's the sort of escapist fair where you root for the charming, non-violent bad guys and wish that you could live outside the law the way they do. Anyway, the heist they pull off has a lot of very original and clever elements that are fun to watch if you're into Mission:Impossible-type plots.

KimEspinoza thought that OceansEleven was so good, she saw it twice. Maybe George Clooney, Matt Damon, Brad Pitt, and Casey Affleck aren't enough for you? (Sorry, I just didn't know the names of the other guys.) Well that's ok, it's interesting too. The fun doesn't stop. It's just like every other movie, only better.

AndrewSchoonmaker thought that it was not a waste of his (well, okay, someone else's) money, though he will not pay to see it again in the theater just for its own sake (given Andrew, though, that's not saying a lot). He notes that it sort of felt like The Taking of Pelham One Two Three (though he's only seen about the last two-thirds of the remade version...) and was indeed fun in that don't-think-about-it way (like MissionImpossibleTwo, but with less action and more suspense).

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