PhantasyStarII was released in 1989, for the Sega Genesis. Like its predecessor, it has been considered one of the better CRPGs from the period (though, like other CRPGs of the period, it little deserves the "RPG" part of the genre). It has also been more recently rereleased for the Dreamcast as part of the Sega Smash Pack, as well as for the Ps2? as part of the Sega Genesis Collection.

The plot of the game is slightly more involved than that of PhantasyStarI, though it's certainly no XenoGears. As the game opens, the main character wakes up from a nightmare in which a large demon is fighting with and about to kill a young woman. But he shrugs it off and goes to work, where he is given his next assignment: go to the Bio Research Lab and retrieve a recorder so that the data on it can be analyzed to find out why monsters have started being produced recently (this also provides a convenient explanation for why you get attacked everywhere you go). He returns home to prepare for the journey and is about to set out again when he is stopped by Nei, the half-human, half-monster that he took in some time ago. She insists on coming with him, and so the two of them set out.

In the course of his travels, the main character periodically returns home to find that others have heard of his endeavors and wish to join him. In all, the eight characters who make up the party are:

One problem players may encounter is that the spell names are completely incomprehensible (and likewise hard to remember), so you kinda need to print out a spell guide before you attempt to play this game. Otherwise you end up killing your own characters using SAK, which is rather annoying.

Col. G. L. Sicherman (a CoolUbiquitousPerson?) wrote a short (~4K) walkthrough for the game, listing the places to go and things to do. It may be found on his home page (see RogueletsAbc, since I'm too lazy to get the link again ATM) or on [GameFAQs]. While it highlights the extremely simple nature of the plot, the fact that the game still takes at least 40 hours to complete should give one an idea of the complexity and assity of the dungeons.
PhantasyStarII is one of the games with MotherBrain?.

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