Cool prof. She's teaching E82 (Chemical and Thermal Processes) this semester. Has a very enlightened attitude towards exams.

Alas, she is on sabbatical this semester (Fall 2002), and all the engineers in E82 must deal with ProfessorSpjut instead.


   E82, Spring 2002
"Engineers, being engineers, figured out a way to write P*V=n*R*T without R."

  Prof. Cardenas: "Think like an American engineer. What are the units for volume?"
  Student: "A keg."
  Prof. Cardenas, without missing a beat: "No, it's much bigger than a keg."
  Student: "A standard keg."

"Do people still fall asleep when the lights go out? Probably. I do."

  Prof. Cardenas: "What else happened in 1903?"
  Student: "Crayola was founded."

   E138, Spring 2003
"He must have been one of those guys that never slept. He's everywhere." --ProfessorCardenas on Fourier

"Cleaner mud. Not mud like you'd like to eat, but cleaner mud. What, didn't you eat mud pies when you were kids? There's videos of me eating them, it was horrible, I'm sure one of my sisters made me do it."

"People put the most amazing things down their toilets."

"Anybody kill things? Ever?"

"We're engineers. We dredge."

"We've done the cigarettes, now let's do the booze."

"What do you people do in high school now if not laughing gas? Is it just drugs and alcohol now?"

   "I've been carbon monoxide poisoned at least twice."
   "We bought him [her father] a carbon monoxide detector after the second time."
   "I hope I didn't lose too many brain cells."

   Clinic, 2003-2004
"Working 40 hours/week is pretty easy compared to college."

   Fluid Mech, fall 2005
"There's two main types (of DEs): easy ones and hard ones."

"Political power is synonymous with how good you are with fluids (mechanics)."

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