ProfessorMcCurdy is a very cool CheMistry prof who will be teaching FroshChem next year. She's young and unmarried and works way too hard, so she understands HarveyMudders pretty well. She's good about giving extensions on assignments ("I don't care whether everyone turns it in on Thursday or Friday, so sure you can have the extra day.") and explains stuff well. She got a 4.0 GPA as an undergrad at the University of Chicago (scary!). She likes to swing dance and once won a WestDorm good liquor or bad liquor contest (it was all bad liquor). Also, interestingly, was involved in RolePlaying while in high school.

Definitely one of the DamnCoolGirls.

Ask RyanHaskett? about the his first day in FroshChem recitation for another fun story about ProfessorMcCurdy.

Quote from Chem 105, OrganicChemistry: "Don't fall into a thermodynamic well when you're drunk... er, disoriented."

"This is the stupidest galvanic cell on earth" --ProfessorMcCurdy


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