Not technically a prof, but a CGU grad student. Froshies, ye be warned.

I am sure that many fine stories concerning ProfessorScheible will arise from the random noise of cyberspace (and the east lounge) but in the meantime, be aware that those who have undergone her classes are rarely able to look at Johnny Depp, Victorian literature, and Sherlock Holmes again in the same way. This is not a good thing.

I leave it to those who have taken more than just Hum1 from her to relate better stories, suffice one: I took Narrating Death in Victorian Literature (aka Death By Vic Lit) as my Hum1 class, and was surprised to find out that the actual course was Deconstructing Literature Into Vague and Not-So-Vague Sexual References.

Often prone to making vague, unhelpful, and (occasionally) flat-out wrong comments on the HumPapers of hapless students. Also responsible for distributing the recipe for Emily Dickinson Black Cake (contains brandy!) to minors.

Ask LizKadison about Scheible and "A Streetcar Named Desire" sometime.

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