RobinYoon is a member of the class of 2016 and found his way in to FroshLounge as a ThirdFloorEastie after discovering a mutual interest in Radiohead as the lab partner of NicoleKyle during frosh chem. Best PokÚpals four lyfe with DaniBork.

RobinYoon may possibly be the only person in the history of HarveyMuddCollege to attend STEMS lecture voluntarily, without even being enrolled in the class.


"But they're imaginary numbers, not jimaginary numbers!" -RobinYoon, responding to NicoleKyle being sad about using j instead of i in STEMS

"Is this a lecture, or surrealist performance art?" - RobinYoon, during his first visit to a STEMS lecture (he wasn't even registered for the class at the time).


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