The trio formerly known as PamelaRettig, JoseluisEspinosa, and TamaraReimer.

Has been described as "the lap-dancing trio from Transylvania". Members responsible for such classics as "the south pillow incident", the resulting email battle, the disappearance of a large number of emergency condoms from the proctor suite in LindeDorm during BridgeProgram?, the SexiNess? discussion and the RandomFroshieThoughts email series. Wanted in 5 states and a few territories. (And that little planet circling Alpha Centauri B, don't forget that.)

No, wait, that's not right...

Because of the illusiveness of the previously mentioned trio, many attempts have been made throughout EastDorm to contact its members. No contacts have been made as yet with TamaraReimer or PamelaRettig, but JoseluisEspinosa can occasionally be found by shouting the phrase " HeySexy! " and watching for heads to look up.

Possibly the retroactive inspiration for the phrase, "So, how 'bout that local spork team?" THEY SUCK!!!*


Honorary member: JessicaFisher

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