The rules of SresSehc are identical to those of ChesSers, except for starting position. All but one of the checkers start on the ChessSide, but set up in normal checkers formation; the center checker in the back row is replaced by a ChessKing. The remaining chess pieces are set up on the CheckersSide in normal chess formation, with the exception that both queens are placed on white (on d1 and e8); the remaining checker is placed in the empty black square next to the queen (on e1 and d8).

Originally proposed by MattMacauley; several games of it were played during a BarbeCue one night. Opinions on its worth are mixed.

Personally, I think it's an amusing idea, and I had fun playing the few games of it that I did; I don't think it possesses anything like the lasting interest of ChesSers itself, though.-MicahSmukler

also known as Stress-Hack.

Sounds vaguely like a chess variant known (to me) only by the name of Wild Five, wherein White starts on the seventh and eighth ranks and Black starts on the first and second... so the only pieces that can move at the start are the knights and the pawns are all one step away from promotion. Apparently a time control of 0:00 + 1 second/move is popular among those with good latency.

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