I just discovered this band. I first heard about them from HighFidelity? with the song Dry the Rain. I decided i was interested and began to explore. I found a bunch of mp3's and found that I liked everything I heard. I looked to see which album contained most of the songs I liked, and they were spread evenly through all three of their albums (The Beta Band, The Three E.P.'s and Hot Shots II). I decided to order all three and I love them all. TheBetaBand originated in London, with their first live performance in '97. The kind of music is... well... RadioHead aparently listened to a bunch of TheBetaBand when they were making Kid A. For more info, try http://www.astralwerks.com/. They also toured with RadioHead this past ('01) summer. Some of their singles include:

If you're interested in listening, both Kurt and I have the cd's on our computers. My computer is Sludge Puppy, in the folder mp3, and the sub-folder The Beta Band. Kurt's computer is Tigris, and it would be in his Full Cd's folder.

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