AlexBobbs: While not on the production scale of the latest big-budget Disney films (i.e. Tarzan and Dinosaur), TheEmperorsNewGroove left me much more satisfied, because, quite frankly, it was one of the funniest movies I've seen in a long time. They completely deviated from the norm in Disney cartoons, as evidenced by the under-hyping, the complete lack of a romantic subplot, and loads of off-the-wall humor that often made fun of Disney's own conventions. The evil emperess and her brawny assistant made an especially hillarious comic duo, and the main character is (for most of the movie) a llama! What's not to like? Highly recommended for anyone seeking a good laugh.

AriNieh: Really funny. I watched it with my brother, and we couldn't stop laughing. I expected it to be lame, but it rocked.

AndrewSchoonmaker: Funny in ways that defy description. I thought it was especially neat how the movie has only one slow, emotional scene, and that gets interrupted. The movie also has one of the best big dumb henchman characters I've seen in a while.


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