The TGFF, or TG Fire Folks, are a group of 9 students who were present at the last, ill-fated attempt to burn "napalm" in the ThomasGarrett firepit. 4 bottles containing various compositions of gasoline, styrofoam, and acetone were brought to the firepit, along with a fire extinguisher and a pitcher of dirt (why waste the fire extinguisher if it's not necessary?) Before any of the substance was removed from the box, a CampSec officer approached. The students left the box of supplies and scattered, but self-reported to CampSec several days later. ShamikMaitra and LucasBaker took responsibility for creating the substance, and received the harshest penalty (see NapalmIncident). The other 7 students received penalties that varied from a warning to on-record probation to being banned from campus, and all 9 were required to pay the HazMat costs to have the substance removed from campus.

The name "TG Fire Folks" was given to the group by Dean Jeanne, in her report to the HonorBoard.

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