The TreeBra (which was actually a top, not a bra ... quite different things) was found on the edge of East at around 2:30am on September 5th, 2004 (the opening night of WetSeason?) by NickHerman. It was then brought to a gathering of mostly frosh and a coupla upperclassmen sitting on the couches in front of NickHerman's room. The girls in the group deemed it dirty and nasty and refused to touch it. The guys in the group all agreed it smelled good (mostly StephenJones). We decided it would be a good decoration for the large pine tree in the courtyard. So ClifMobbs volunteered to climb (barefoot) the tree and deposit it there. Since ClifMobbs knew no knot but the square knot, he tied three of them.

That my friends is how a piece of female undergarment found itself tied to the tree in EastDorm courtyard.

Oh and DonNy showed up late.

A couple of days later the EastDorm FrOsh CharlotteGenevier? approached ClifMobbs and revealed that the top was hers. She had been drinking that night and spilled beer on her top (you mean, had members of Nevada pouring beer on her?). A kind friend lent her some clothes, and later that night when the friend was bringing CharlotteGenevier?'s clothes back, the top fell to the ground unnoticed. That is where NickHerman found it. ClifMobbs of course volunteered to retrieve the garment from the tree, and the gentleman that he is returned the top and 3 quarters to wash it.

That my friends is how a random piece of female (top)garment turned out to belong to an EastDorm FrOsh and thus no longer decorates the courtyard tree.

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