In October 2009, Mudders discovered that Victoria's Secret was holding a competition between universities to determine which schools to add to their 'Pink' line of college clothing. Much to Mudders' chagrin, Harvey Mudd was not on the list! Not only that, but the top three schools were UCSC, UCSD, and RIT, who were all using scripts. This could not stand. Hence, the Captchathon begins!

Because the 'voting' process unfairly favored large schools, a small 800-person tech (ahem... 'liberal arts') school could not hope to be victorious. In a tremendous display of school spirit, dozens of Mudders descended upon the voting page and broke the process down.

Will Mudd convince Victoria's Secret to produce a line of HMC lingerie and pink underwear? Only time will tell!

Current status, as of 11/23/2009:

[Original voting page] [Mudd voting page] [Vote history graph]

Roll call! Did you participate in the Captchathon?

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