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A really scary place!

Where MinervaWelling is from.

I think KimEspinoza is obssesed with it and wants to be a dentist there which should be far cry from Arizona!

Where TreeMoore is not anymore.

Where NickJohnson was for a year.

Home to several (but perhaps soon to be more) ex-members of the legendary ItrSuite, as well as some other cool people.

Where CalPierog, KatyPerdue, LoriThomas, and DanCicio are.

There are cannolis there. Mmmmmmmmm. (Obviously, this person has never been to NewYorkCity?.)

A great college town, as opposed to Claremont, or even LosAngeles.

Boston isn't a college town. Cambridge is a college town. It just happens to be a really cool extension of Boston.

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