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** When there are a whole bunch of people taking turns playing head-to-head matches and one person wins over and over again, the 90 second rule is implemented. This means that, for the win to count as a win (for purposes of getting to play the next challenger, that is), said person must defeat the other player in a combined total of 90 seconds or less.

It's not Snood. It's also not nearly as amusing to watch as SuperPuzzleFighterIITurbo!

This is very similar to Bubble Puzzle 97, which ChrisHanusa played incessantly as a Frosh. He made it over level 1600. Yippee!

It is not, however, BustAGroove, which is another very addicting game involving flashing lights and noises.

(Note: There has been a recent addition to BustAMove.....the 90 second rule.)

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