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This was KaijuBooska's favorite prank.

The prank against which all other pranks, past, present, and future, will be compared.

Here's a recap from an alum that was one of the organizers of this classic prank. The link is identical to the account that appeared in the 1999 yearbook.


In the Spring of 2005 a group organized the CalTechEmbassyPrank in another attempt to steal the cannon.

On 28 March 2006 we received the following email from DeanChris:


Did anyone steal the Caltech cannon Monday night/Tuesday? morning? They called and said it was stolen and were hoping it was here.


Turns out Mudd really wasn't responsible: http://howeandser.com/ or http://web.mit.edu/jotong/Public/Photos/MIT/Caltech%20Cannon%20Hack/

See also: AncientMyth, BigPrank

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