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A very good FoodRep


A very good FoodRep

Class of 2020, and a CS-Math major (selling out is worth it kids).

Made the mistake of taking quantum after declaring CS

May or may not be found in East or NutcrackerSuite or TimeSuckXX.

Participated in hair blueing of 2016. Now can't stop dying parts of her hair.

was a third floor eastie as a frosh, lived in East as a sophomore with IrisZhou, lived in Drinkward 110 junior year (long live the wall mold), and lived in South 302 (Blitz) her senior year!!

probably has a PatriNumber, too lazy to figure it out.

loves knitting and reading and tea and cats.

East Dorm TweeeEEET? (Eastmas 2017)

Is current FunWiki (Gen 6).

quotes: "I'd sell my soul to the devil for a good paper" (2017)

"If I double majored in literature I could have the literature aesthetic and the CS paycheck, but if I did the physics major I could have the CS aesthetic and the literature paycheck"

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