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http://www.crouchingtiger.com/ (Warning: lots of Flash and Quicktime)

A martial arts movie out of Hong Kong, complete with subtitles. The fight scenes were really amazing - they can fly! The plot was a little strange but the emphasis in the movie was on the martial arts. I would recommend it. It was a fun movie with an ending that makes you think. - RachelGabor

Neat movie. Different. Worth seeing, even if only for the "Invincible Sword Goddess" scene. - AndrewSchoonmaker

I have to agree with pretty much everything that's been said so far. The story and filming are very different from most movies you see. The plot wasn't especially involving, but it was definitely thought-provoking and dealt with some interesting themes about women in China. I actually found myself feeling very sad when a certain character died, so there was more to it then just people fighting. Acting is mostly solid (especially Chow-Yun Fat) and Yo-Yo Ma provides a good musical score. Oh yeah, and the fight scenes (which revolve around mythical warriors who can fly short distances and do other neat things) are really great and very creative. - AlexBobbs

This movie completely and utterly rocked my world. Favorite scenes included the "Invincible Sword Goddess" sequence and the bamboo forest, but everything about Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon was incredibly beautiful to look at (brilliant cinematography, editing, etc.) The flying was like something straight out of my trippier dreams, so that really resonated with me. -TracyvanCort

I absolutely loved this movie. Not only was it by far the best martial arts movie ever, but the characters, acting, and soundtrack were all good. It was artfully sad and beautifully done. (The "flying" was faithful to Chinese mythology, in which legendary warriors could indeed jump over houses.) - AriNieh


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