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*Totally dodging the question there.
*Totally dodging the question there.
**For some of us, senior year got us to the point where she answered the only question necessary- she no longer needs to do any more work on the Comp Geo, thus it is done. --EvilSouthie
***Ah, but one can be done without finishing. So while the question may be not necessarily be relevant, it is still unanswered. --RichardGarfinkel

Stop looking at FunWiki!

Just because its entirely against the spirit of this, hi MattBrubeck! :-) You should be doing your CompGeo too. In fact, we should both be working instead of talking about FunWiki. --AvaniGadani

This page is going to have to be a HistoricArtifact?, since it isn't remotely relevant elsehow...

That assumes I finish ...

I passed ;-)

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