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A FreshMan brought KaijuBooska to HarveyMuddCollege in 2017.

Frosh are, for the most part, silly. "SillyFrosh, no FroshBiscuits for you!" is what you say when frosh do something silly.
there is only one thing that i can add about frosh, and i must admit that i didn't come up with it. but it is appropriate nonetheless. so in the immortal words of one particularly cute frosh...

"Gotta catch 'em all."


Wasn't "Gotta catch 'em all" the theme of last year's PreFroshWeekend?


I want to see a flash game called "My Pet Frosh." You get your very own frosh and have to guide him through his first year of college. If he ITRs, you lose. You get the highest score if he passes all his classes, but still has fun. -ColleenSullivan

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