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If you really want to learn about FroshPhysics, watch KaijuBooska

Was overhauled with NewCore in 2009 to just consist of SpecialRelativity?, with the half semester vacated by FetalQuantum now being occupied by Writing 1, the new FroshHum?. FetalQuantum is no longer part of core.

Was previously overhauled in 2003 to consist of SpecialRelativity? and FetalQuantum. Recitation sections are taught by ProfessorPetersen, ProfessorEckert, ProfessorSaeta, and ProfessorLynn? on Tuesday (mostly in the morning, although some lucky sections meet at 1:15), and there is lecture by ProfessorSaeta at noon Thursdays, the day when FreshMen get to sleep late.

A side effect of the changes made to FroshPhysics and FroshChem in '05 is that the first major all-freshmen test of the year is now the FroshPhysicsTest? on October 20. There is no FroshChem Test this year, except for the final exam.



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