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Well, it's been a while since the last one of these. Now we've got lots of new blood on the Wiki and such, so let's give it a shot. NickJohnson started these back in the day, and I was always disappointed with the short life spans. Maybe I should go back and add to the previous ones... in fact, I think I'll do that, but I've decided to make a new one also that people can play with. So here it goes. Add on whatever you want and we'll see what happens.

"Dude, did you see where it landed?"

"It was somewhere on the other side of those bushes, dude."

"Man, we gotta find it or my brother's gonna be upset that we lost his new disk."

The two boys peered deeper into the foliage. They were certain that it was going to be unpleasant to attempt to wade through that much Manzanita, so they did the best that they could by simply looking. They poked and prodded and attempt to move the branches that obstructed their view.

"Dude! There it is! Crap, that's in there pretty deep." Avery's mother always got upset whenever the two boys trounced through the bushes. It usually meant a lot of dirty clothes, with maybe some blood stains and minor scratches to repair in both the boys and their shirts. But this time the boys weren't out fighting bandits, or looking for lost treasure. Those adventures had passed away years ago, replaced by thoughts of impressing girls with their athletic abilities or whatever it was that impressed girls. No, this time it was a throw that was a little too high to catch.

"You go in and get it, man. If I wreck this shirt, I'm so grounded." Josh brushed self-consciously at the white polo shirt. "I showed up to one of Dad's business dinners without my shirt tucked in last month, and he kicked me halfway to New York!"

"I still can't believe your dad makes you wear those shirts to *barbecues*," Avery said, squirming through the Manzanita toward the errant CD. "Isn't that, like, a human rights violation or something?"

"Now you sound like my sister," Josh said. "Protesting in the park, and all that crap."

Notes: Since only one of the boys appeared to be named (Avery), I named the other one Josh. Also, I decided that they were at Avery's house, that the CD belong to Avery's brother, and that Josh had a sister and a father.

Um. I was under the impression that it was a frisbee. But I guess they could have been playing catch with a CD. Or something... --RobAdams

Well, it said disk. What was I supposed to think? - StephGrush

A CD is a disc, not a disk.-the c/k pedantry police

fine, so they were tossing around a floppy. - StephGrush

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