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HarryPotter is the main character of a series of "children's" fantasy books by British author J.K. Rowling. HarryPotter books are a big craze. If you go to a Warner Brothers store, there's all sorts of merchandise -- you can even get a plush snitch (to be used when playing Quidditch). They've made several movies.

Some might claim that Hogwarts is based on HarveyMuddCollege. This is, of course, probably not the case, but really, think of the people who attend, the general size of the school, and the four dorms:

But . . . there are seven dorms . . . Linde maybe doesn't exist and maybe nobody lives in Atwood, but Case is still there, even if nobody can hear you scream.


One can argue until blue in the face about the proper correlation twixt the dorms, but the fundamental fourness is there.

For more parallels, go to HarryMudder

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